Understanding your cancer through genomic profiling

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, genomic profiling could help your doctor to know which treatment is best for you

Discover how FoundationOne® Comprehensive Genomic Profiling can inform your unique cancer treatment plan

Cancer treatment has evolved to become as unique as your cancer. Now there are medicines that target unique genomic alterations driving your cancer. By finding the mutations in your cancer’s DNA that may be causing your tumour to grow, your doctor may be able to identify a targeted therapy, immunotherapy or clinical trial that is right for you.

Comprehensive Genomic Profiling looks for all types of known genomic alterations* across all of the cancer-related genes in a single sample of tumour tissue or blood.

*All types of genomic alterations: base substitutions, copy number alterations, rearrangements, insertions and deletions, as well as tumour mutational burden (TMB) and microsatellite instability (MSI) status.

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How can FoundationOne Comprehensive Genomic Profiling help you?

Since there are hundreds of cancer genes, and many possible alterations in each gene, the type, number and combination of genomic alterations make each person’s cancer unique.

Comprehensive Genomic Profiling can search for all genomic alterations that are known to drive cancer, some of which may be promoting your tumour’s growth.

Your profiling results may help your doctor identify whether a targeted treatment option is available for your tumour’s unique genomic profile, and which treatment approach could deliver the best outcome for you.

What’s the process for having FoundationOne Genomic Profiling?

If you and your doctor decide that the FoundationOne® CDx, FoundationOne® Liquid CDx or FoundationOne® Heme test is right for you, your doctor will order the appropriate profile, and send a sample of your tumour or your blood to be analysed.


Your doctor orders the profile.

Your doctor will arrange for your tissue or blood sample to be collected and arrange shipment. 

The Foundation Medicine laboratory (Boston, US) receives your sample.

DNA is extracted from your tumour or blood sample.

The unique genomic code of your tumour is identified.

A team of genomic experts analyses your unique data and individual genomic alterations to identify potential targeted therapies, immunotherapies or clinical trials.


Allow up to seven days for your local laboratory in New Zealand to source and prepare your sample for shipment. It typically takes 14 days from the time the tissue or blood sample is received in Boston, USA, for Foundation Medicine to analyse and prepare your customised FoundationOne CDx or FoundationOne Liquid CDx profile. FoundationOne Heme takes approximately 21 days. About three to four weeks from the time your sample was taken your doctor will receive a detailed report containing information about your tumour’s genomic makeup and potential options for you and your doctor to consider.


You will most likely receive an invoice for payment via email. Please pay immediately. Some private cancer treatment providers offer FoundationOne genomic profiling as part of their service and will request payment from you directly. 

What do the results mean?

When testing is complete, a report will be sent to your doctor.  The report contains the following sections.

  1. Biomarker findings: may help predict response to immunotherapy
  2. Genomic findings: your unique clinically-relevant genomic alterations
  3. Report highlights: This section provides a bulleted list of the key actionable results in the report
  4. Therapies with clinical relevance: These are potential treatment options based on the genomic findings in the report. The therapies listed in the left column are FDA-approved. The therapies in the right column are FDA-approved for another cancer type#
  5. Clinical trial options: Results may match with treatments that are currently being developed in clinical trials. A clinical trial could allow you to access some of the newest treatments in development*

# These therapies may or may not be registered in New Zealand by Medsafe, the New Zealand health authority responsible for assessing the safety and efficacy of medicines.
* The trials listed may or may not be available in your location. 

Discuss FoundationOne with your Doctor

Speak to your oncologist about FoundationOne and how it may be able to help you. Alternatively, contact one of the private treatment providers below to discuss your options.

Healthcare Professionals should visit www.foundationmedicine.co.nz for more information and to order a genomic profile for a patient.

About Foundation Medicine

Foundation Medicine is a world-leading molecular insights company, connecting physicians and their patients to the latest cancer treatment approaches and making precision medicine a reality for thousands.

In New Zealand, Roche’s pharmaceutical division is the licensed distributor of FoundationOne CDx and FoundationOne Liquid CDx (for patients with solid tumours) and FoundationOne Heme (for patients with haematological cancers or sarcomas), offering Comprehensive Genomic Profiling services and decision support tools that may inform cancer treatment decisions.

Patient Resources

FoundationOne Fact Sheet
Comprehensive Genomic Profiling Information Booklet
Patient Consent Form (Englilsh)
Patient Consent Form (Te reo Māori)

FoundationOne CDx, FoundationOne Liquid CDx and FoundationOne Heme Consumer Information Summary

Description FoundationOne CDx, FoundationOne Liquid CDx and FoundationOne Heme are genomic tests (called Comprehensive Genomic Profiles) that help you and your doctor find out and understand any genetic changes in your cancer that may be affecting how it grows and responds to different treatments.

• FoundationOne CDx and FoundationOne Liquid CDx are profiles used for solid tumours like lung cancer or skin cancer.
• FoundationOne Heme is the profile used for blood and lymph cancers (like leukaemias, lymphomas, and myelomas) and sarcomas.

Use A small piece of your tumour or some of your blood will be sent to the Foundation Medicine laboratory in the USA. After 2-3 weeks, your doctor will receive a report containing your tumour’s genomic profile. The report includes a summary of which targeted therapies or treatment approaches would be best for treating your individual cancer, and a list of available clinical trials. You and your doctor can then consider the right treatment options for you and your tumour.

Warnings and Precautions FoundationOne CDx, FoundationOne Liquid CDx and FoundationOne Heme genomic profiles provide information about changes in the genes that affect your cancer.

  • • FoundationOne profiles do not provide information about your inherited genetic alterations (passed down from generation to generation in families).
    • Results may show one or more genomic alterations that are “actionable”. This means that there may be treatments available that target the specific features of your specific cancer. There may also be clinical trials that are investigating therapies targeting your specific type of cancer. However, it is also possible that the profiles will not reveal actionable features of your tumour or help identify possible treatments.
    • These profiles do not explore every possible change or alteration that may exist and the technology may not identify all changes related to your individual cancer.
    • There is a small possibility of errors.
    • You may learn medical information about yourself that you did not expect, including additional diagnoses or a change in your condition that may or may not be treatable and may cause you distress.
    • It is important for you to know that because the reports contain genetic information, it is possible that your profile could impact your ability to obtain life, disability or long-term care insurance.

Speak to your oncologist about FoundationOne CDx, FoundationOne Liquid CDx and FoundationOne Heme and whether comprehensive genomic profiling may be able to help you. More information about Foundation Medicine comprehensive genomic profiles can be found at www.mycancerisunique.co.nz.

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