Understanding your cancer through genomic profiling

Cancer occurs when the DNA in a cell is damaged or mutated in such a way that the body is unable to identify the problem and repair it. These abnormal cells can grow out of control and form tumours that invade healthy tissue and organs. The tumour cells have their own genomic profile due to mutations or alterations that have occurred within the DNA.

Since there are hundreds of cancer genes and many possible alterations in each gene, the type, number and combination of genomic alterations make each person’s cancer unique.

Comprehensive Genomic Profiling can search for all genomic alterations that are known to drive cancer, some of which may be promoting your tumour’s growth.

By using Comprehensive Genomic Profiling to determine the unique genomic alterations driving your cancer, your doctor may be able to better tailor your treatment plan to target it.

Discover how Comprehensive Genomic Profiling with FoundationOne® can inform your cancer treatment plan.